i’ve got a scope, but sometimes you’re ok with zeroes, ones, and a bunch of signals (5 vs 4). at the office we’ve got an hp one with enough signals for PCI, but I can’t take it home on my bike. hsc sometimes has them but they seem like they are for ‘parts’. I was rigging one with an fpga I’ve got laying around, but I’m still learning hdl. acquisition is ‘easy’ but experimenting required re-writes.

the logic is ~150usd, has 8 signals, runs at 24mhz, and they are local to sf.

first impressions…

saleae says they are working on a mac version but this is a mac guy’s impression of the current (1.0.28b) windows version.

inactive signals always show as high. it would be nice if they could be hidden (when unlabelled) or atleast low (I forgotten to label a signal kept staring at the one in confusion).

scrolling with the scroll bar areas on the sides of the thumb doesn’t make sense to me. I think that a hit should shift the width of the current view. I’m actually not sure what it does but I’ve ‘trained’ myself to scroll via click/hold.

I’ve gotten used to setting one of the signals as a clock and being able to ‘parse’ sugnals. there’s an sdk for defining protocol handlers but I haven’t looked at it much. I think it can do triggering this way as well, but by default there are only up to four state change combinations.

there’s no real ‘cursor’ feature like on tek scopes. one can use the measure markers to do this, but the label overlaps the topmost signal. there is also an alpha blended display that covers the lower right corner of the display. I’d be willing to give up window space to avoid the overlaps.

small nits for what you get for the price.


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